5 Branding Mistakes to Learn From

Everyone makes branding mistakes; companies large or small.  Some of these mistakes aren’t serious – more in the nature of learning curves – but others should never have happened at all. It’s not only newbies who mess up their branding on a large scale.  Let’s look at some spectacular branding mistakes – and learn what […]

Online Branding – the Basics

What is Branding? Online marketing, internet marketing, branding, online branding, brand, brand name, defining your market, defining your brand, online resources, online business. The term “brand” has been around for many years and can be used to refer to a company name, a product name, an advertising campaign or a logo. Branding is used to […]

5 Brand Centers You Need to Have

Time and time again, many online businesses seem to miss the basics of branding.  Before you do anything else, be aware there are five brand centers you need to create and maintain. Here’s how to position them… 1.  Your Website Visitors shouldn’t have to scramble around, click multiple tabs or scroll down looking for clues. […]

5 Ways to Shape Your Brand Around Your Market

All the branding in the world isn’t going to help if you don’t understand what drives your target customer – and who she is.  Your target customer needs to be really hungry for your solutions and offerings (and willing to open her pocketbook to get them). Understand that there is really only one reason people […]