19 Ways to Customize PLR Without Rewriting It


Many people talk about the need to rewrite PLR before using it, but if you have to rewrite it…what’s the point of using it in the first place? There are plenty of things you can do to customize PLR to make it more personal and relevant to your target audience. Here are 19 of those […]

Tips and Tricks for Hangouts on Air

[ NOTE:  I’ve had a number of questions come in over the last week asking for more info about various aspects of Google Hangouts, so I wanted to do one more post in the series to wrap things up.   The questions ran a gamut of topics, so in order to answer as many as […]


How to Get People to Your Hangout

While it’s true that currently you can only invite ten speakers to participate in your actual Hangout, using Hangouts on Air and streaming it, live, via Google+ and YouTube means that unlimited numbers of people can sit in and watch your Hangout unfold. But first, you have to let them know about it.  Here are […]

How To Set Up and Run Your First Google Hangout

Google Hangouts are starting to catch on.  They’re quickly becoming the hot new way to communicate with a closed group, share data in real time, brainstorm as a team and teach informal workshops; or just… hang out. What’s holding you back?  If it’s fear of technology or just plain don’t-have-time-to-learn-another-thing, don’t procrastinate any longer.  It’s […]