Facebook Cheat Sheet: Image Size and Dimensions Source

Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet

Ever tried using photos or graphics on your Facebook page? It can be frustrating, right? And when you also have to get your designer to work up matching brand designs for Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, et al, ad naseum, it gets downright maddening sometimes! Here’s an up-to-date, unofficial guide to what’s what, what’s where, and […]

74 Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work

I found a cool infographic from Pauline Cabrera at TwelveSkip.com that gives you suggestions for titles.  It can be used for blog post titles, article titles, book titles, special report titles, podcast and video titles, and also presentation or key note speech titles, as well.  All are proven to be effective at garnering attention, too. Sooner or […]

5 Branding Mistakes to Learn From

Everyone makes branding mistakes; companies large or small.  Some of these mistakes aren’t serious – more in the nature of learning curves – but others should never have happened at all. It’s not only newbies who mess up their branding on a large scale.  Let’s look at some spectacular branding mistakes – and learn what […]