Free Software From IncanSoft


The llamas are back, and now you can get all of IcanSoft’s free software products just by signing up here: After signing up, they will email you with your login information and a master serial code that works with all of their products. Here’s what you can get: Guest Post Sniper  Tired of wasting your […]

Branding With Color

Colors can say a lot about your business. Loyal, Trustworthy, Fun, Serious and Professional… Sticky Colors… Choosing a color that best fits your company is important and you must stick with the color throughout all your marketing, images and branding graphics. You’re so emotional… Knowing what colors instill certain feelings, emotions and messages in people […]

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Branding with Fonts

We look at them all day but rarely take notice to the impact they can have on the message we are reading. What you talkin’ about? Fonts can say a lot, or say nothing at all. They are a subtle, yet powerful component to your message. Up, Up and away…Super Fonts! Fonts are so powerful […]